Elephant’s “Northward Trek” | Caltta Emergency Communication System All The Way To Guard

Yunnan Province,China,June 21st, 2021-In recent days, the news of 15 Asian elephants “running away from home” has attracted continuous attention. Beginning in April, the Asian elephant herd that originally inhabited the Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve in Yunnan Province began its “Northward Trek” journey all the way to the north. In order to grasp the situation of the elephant herd in real time and ensure the safety of the elephants, the wild elephant monitoring and early warning team, expert team and masses along the line launched a protection relay around the elephant group moving north.

In response to a letter from the Yunnan Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau, the Yunnan Provincial Forest Fire Control Station dispatched 20 officers and soldiers, organized into 5 search and monitoring teams, to participate in the early warning and monitoring of the elephant group. The monitoring teams carry drones, infrared night vision devices, PoC radios, ultrashort wave Ad Hoc repeaters and other wireless communication equipment, Beidou and Tiantong satellite phones , High-throughput satellite portable stations and other satellite communication equipment.

Elephant herd monitoring operations are carried out in the wild in the forest, the terrain is complex, there are blind spots for network coverage, and communication is blocked. Monitoring personnel use Caltta’s DMR Ad Hoc repeater SmartLink600 to quickly establish a temporary wireless communication network. SmartLink600 is light in weight, small in size, and one-click power-on, which is very conducive to front-line deployment. With 25W high-power transmitting module and high-sensitivity receiving module, the one-hop viewing distance can reach more than 100 kilometers. It can quickly build a large-scale communication network in the absence of wired transmission to meet the needs of wide-area wireless communication. At the same time, the monitoring personnel are equipped with Caltta’s DMR portable radio PH790 to realize real-time voice communication and command dispatch

The monitoring team deployed multiple DVs and HD monitor balls on the spot. By connecting to the Caltta broad band Ad Hoc network sMesh100, the video return channel was built to transmitthe live video to the command center in real time. The command center transmitted audio and video information on the spot, facilitating timely command and dispatch.

Caltta’s narrowband Ad Hoc network and broadband Ad Hoc network meet emergency front-line requirements and have the following features:

Flexible networking: according to the actual communication environment, it can form chain, star, net, and hybrid networks with different topologies, multi-hop relay, and relay forwarding;

High resilience: When an Ad Hoc network node in the network fails or disconnects, the system will recalculate and select the best path for transmission to achieve self-healing of the network;

Public network link backup: It has the ability to connect to the dispatch console through the public network 4G module to achieve voice and data communication capabilities. When the Ad Hoc network link is interrupted, the public network link can realize automatic hot backup and maintain communication capabilities;

Safe and reliable: waterproof and dustproof IP67, -40℃-60℃ working temperature, fully adaptive to various extreme scenarios

Nature is the homeland of both human and animal. 15 wild elephants are still trekking on the road to the north. How to protect human life and property without harming the elephants is testing our wisdom. Caltta’s emergency communication system will continue to guarantee the monitoring team, guard the Asian elephants, and protect people’s lives and property.

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