Caltta Simulcast

Caltta simulcast enables the creation of a wide area radio communications system using up to 16 PR900 repeaters all operating on the same frequency. Simulcast offers the ability to engineer blanket radio coverage over a required area with repeaters being sited within overlapping coverage of each other to ensure no radio coverage black spots are present.

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The Caltta Simulcast system is an advanced communication solution designed to provide seamless, wide-area coverage for radio networks.

Synchronising the transmission of signals using GPS over multiple transmitters across different locations ensures that users experience consistent, uninterrupted communication, even in geographically challenging environments.

Extensive uses
This technology is particularly beneficial for public safety agencies, transportation networks, and utility companies that require reliable communication over extensive areas.

Eliminates gaps in coverage
The Caltta Simulcast system stands out for its ability to eliminate coverage gaps and enhance voice clarity, thereby improving the operational efficiency and response capabilities of teams.