Caltta helped save lives during earthquake

On December 18, 2023, at 23:59, Gansu Province, located in northwest China (35.70°N, 102.79°E), was struck by a 6.2-magnitude earthquake. In response, Caltta, a prominent figure in integrated professional PMR (Private Mobile Radio) communication solutions, has significantly contributed to the earthquake relief efforts in Gansu by enhancing emergency rescue communications.

After the earthquake, Caltta rapidly deployed an emergency support team with advanced communication technologies. “Our team worked closely with the local public security bureaus and emergency management departments on the ground to quickly establish a reliable emergency private network. At the same time, our technical experts were on continuous remote duty, efficiently solving network problems reported from the field to ensure uninterrupted communication, which was vital for the rescue operations,” stated a representative from Caltta.

Upon reaching the affected area, the Caltta team found infrastructure damages, including water, electricity, transport, and communication network disruptions. Recognizing the critical need for stable and accessible emergency communications, Caltta’s technicians installed portable base stations to cover communication blind spots and conducted thorough network testing and optimization. This effort enabled clear audio/video communication and supported the effective coordination of rescue teams and agencies.

Emergency communication is crucial in disaster relief operations. In this case, prioritizing the rescue mission, the Gansu Security Bureau encountered challenges due to limited communication capacity in the affected areas. Caltta worked in collaboration with the bureau to quickly enhance the capacity of the base stations, thereby gaining precious time for rescue activities to continue.

As the rescue mission progresses, Caltta remains dedicated to its role in the disaster area, ensuring uninterrupted emergency communication in collaboration with local agencies. This commitment is crucial for coordinating rescue efforts and improving the overall effectiveness of the disaster response, highlighting Caltta’s role in maintaining connectivity and supporting the rescue operations at the site.

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