Caltta Launches DH5 Series Two-way Radios to Empower Businesses

Caltta Technologies, a leading provider of integrated professional trunking communication solutions, has launched a pair of new Digital Mobile Radios (DMR), DH500 and DH590, which are designed as great enablers of team collaboration and productivity. The DH5 series, a great complement to PH6 and PH7 series, embodies an optimal balance between functionality and ownership cost.  Caltta now offers a complete portable radio portfolio to satisfy a wide range of feature requirement and budget sizes.

“The ability to talk across the team and solve problems in real time is the cornerstone of well-run businesses. With the Caltta DH500 and DH590 digital radios’ abundant features, your team can easily communicate and collaborate to improve operational efficiencies, solve problems rapidly, address unexpected situations and improve customer satisfaction, while ensuring workplace safety,” said Leo Li, Director of Overseas of Caltta.

From the reception desk of a hotel to the control room of an office tower, Caltta DH5 series DMR radios are designed to meet business needs, whether it’s crystal-clear audio, intuitive user experience, or the ruggedness to withstand harsh work-site conditions. This pair of lightweight radios, with its compactness, is a simple yet powerful collaboration tool. Equipped with a 1.77” color LCD display, DH590 offers great potential to be integrated into different businesses’ operation processes. For example, after its integration via API with the hotel’s communication system, hotel staff can receive work order and confirm work status with DH590.

Both models are ruggedized with IP67 rating. They are 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand; both have been tested to withstand 1-meter-deep submersion up to 30 minutes. It offers great ease of mind for professionals working in humidity or even sometimes in rain. The optimized audio encoder ensures audio quality, especially in noisy environments such as construction sites and factories workshop. 

For more information, please check this review video produced by Gert Jan Wolf, founder of MCCResources. Since 2010, MCCResources started as one of the leading online publishers and the sole YouTube content creator in the field of critical communications. It covers technologies such as TETRA, DMR, P25, Mission Critical and Public Safety LTE, MCPTT, PMR/LMR, PoC Radio, etc.

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