Salisbury FC Use Caltta To Push For Promotion

Salisbury FC is currently pushing for promotion from the Southern League Premier South division, and they turned to Caltta Partner Chat-Com to help with the Security and Logistics at the Stadium during their busy match days.

With two games to go in the regular season, Salisbury had a chance to secure a home tie in the end-of-season play-offs. This is bringing bigger crowds to the Ray Mac Stadium, which increases the need for a robust and organized security team.

The Caltta radios will ensure the Security Teams can communicate quickly and clearly during match days, with noise reducing digital audio.  These professional radios have the power required to cover the whole stadium complex, ensuring there are no black spots and the Security Team can stay in touch throughout the game.  Rainy conditions won’t stop the game on the pitch, and they won’t stop these radios from performing their job; with a high IP rating, they are ideal for teams working outdoors in rugged conditions.

After match days have finished, the radios can be used by the on-site team to aid in everyday logistics and operations. Chat-Com has provided radios with multiple channels so that teams can communicate independently and without cross-talk.

Director James Page-Chatton is pictured above, presenting the radios to First Team Assistant Manager Callum Hart and Business Manager Jim Ayres.

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