Caltta ROMC Hosted

Caltta ROMC Hosted provides remote access and monitoring of the health and status of all PR900 repeaters deployed within a network. This includes the power feed to the repeaters, the antenna condition along with live monitoring of calls.

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Easy to Install

The Dealer ROMC Client Console makes deployment easy.

Fully Managed Solution

Fully managed cloud server enabling fuss-free installation and monitoring.

Managed Costs

Dealer Subscription service enables deployment without investment in a server/client ROMC solution.

Rich Functions

Monitor all customer repeaters subscribed to the service from a single client login. View repeater statistics, alarms, etc without having to visit site.

Functions of ROMC

Real-time Data

Support users to view real-time data of all sites and grasp the status of equipment in time.

Status Indication

Support users to view the detailed parameters of the base station and the status of the current site and mark abnormal factors.

Alarm Management

Support viewing alarm information of all sites and automatically giving reasons for alarms and suggestions. Meanwhile, support querying and exporting current and historical alarms, providing convenient operation and maintenance for users.

Remote Control

Support remote reading and modification of the parameters of the site. Also supports remote resetting and disabling of the repeater. Working with CPS software, it also supports remote online configuration and repeater upgrading, enabling users to remotely maintain cross-site sites.

Operation Log

The operation log, security log and system log can be queried through the network management system, and the operation log list can be exported.

E-mail Notification

When an alarm occurs at the site, the system will automatically send an email to the maintenance personnel to inform them of the system status. Support 163 mailboxes and G-mail.

Auxiliary Analysis

Support capturing site device logs and tracking device signals. Provide data support for troubleshooting site failures.

Network Quality Inspection

The client end can record the quality of the network connected to each repeater to optimize network configuration and analyze the impact of network quality on services.