ECS Trunking Solution

ECS is an Enhanced Conventional System developed by Caltta, based on the digital conventional system and combining the advantages of the digital trunking system. Having both advantages of conventional and trunking system, it overcomes the limitations of a standard conventional system when multiple channels may have been deployed to handle the quantity of users and calls required by removing any weaknesses of uneven channel load and low channel utilization. ECS can realise the channel sharing of multiple conventional channels in one site, achieving load balance between channels and improved channel utilisation.

EAN: 2000000009193 SKU: ECST Category:


Supports up to 23 simultaneous calls per site and up to 32 sites, ensuring Calttas ECS trunking solution can support from small to the largest radio users.

Call Priority
Multiple levels of calling priority ensure the highest level of radio user can always make a call.

Call Interruption
As standard, Calttas ECS trunking offers the ability to instantly clear all calls taking place on the network and bring them into a new all units priority call.

Efficient Call Handling
The ECS trunking Technology removes any weakness of uneven channel loading and low channel utilisation by sharing channels with multiple user groups.

Control Room
With the addition of the PD200/ECS dispatch application, a control room operator can call, text and view the location of radio users.