Equipment used within construction must be designed to withstand harsh environments as work often outdoors. The Caltta PH6XX series radios are constructed to a MIL standard and are IP68 sealed ensuring they will continue to work even in the most inclement weather.

If you are considering purchasing a digital radio communication system, ensure it meets any health and safety requirements your site must operate under.

Do you need to provide your staff with an emergency alert facility, lone worker or man down protection. The Caltta PH6XX series radio has all these features as standard.

Accurate and effective communication will be key to ensuring your site operates efficiently. On a large site hand-portable radios alone may not be sufficient, you may require a repeater to provide 100% full site-wide coverage.

Whether it be just to ensure general professionalism or if you operate one or multiple cranes on-site, all radio transmissions on the Caltta PH6XX radios can be recorded onboard each hand portable radio. These recordings which are date and time stamped could prove invaluable in the event an incident occurs on site that requires investigation.