Caltta PD200 Hosted

The Caltta PD200 PC Dispatcher is a sophisticated software solution designed to enhance the management and coordination of communication networks using the Caltta PD200 two-way radios and is now available as a cloud application. This powerful dispatch system allows for centralised control, offering features such as real-time tracking, voice dispatch, and message sending to individuals or groups. The software’s intuitive interface ensures ease of use, making it accessible for dispatchers of all skill levels. Ideal for sectors like public safety, transportation, and logistics, the Caltta PD200 PC Dispatcher is essential for organizations seeking to optimise their communication workflow and ensure seamless, effective coordination of their operations.

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Easy to Deploy

Secured with the Caltta VPN, the Customer Dispatch Client Console is accessed via R.D.P so no software to install – which makes deployment easy

Fully Managed Solution

Fully managed cloud server, enabling fuss-free deployment and customisation.

Managed Costs

Client Subscription service enables deployment without investment in a full server/client dispatch solution.

Rich Functions

Supports all basic functions, such as private calls, group calls, location, text messages, records, etc. Plus additional advanced functions, such as geofence, and report statistics.