Caltta Digital Radio PH660

The Caltta PH660 is a compact and robust IP68 two-way radio designed to meet the communication needs of professionals across various sectors. It offers a full suite of health and safety features, including an emergency button, a lone worker, and a man-down. Built to endure challenging conditions, the PH660 boasts a rugged design, long battery life, and resistance to water and dust, ensuring it performs well in any setting. Its advanced technology facilitates seamless connectivity, while its user-friendly interface and ergonomic design provide ease of use. Whether for emergency response, construction sites, or event coordination, the Caltta PH660 delivers secure, efficient, and uninterrupted communication, making it a vital tool for teams requiring effective communication.

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Supports DMR Tier2
Provides high-quality voice service. It responds to the calls of professional users anywhere and anytime.

Support 2 slots in DMO and Roaming
PH660 can support 2 slots in DMO that double the Capacity of communication. It also supports roaming in IP repeater’ networks.

Loud and Clear Sound
With a carefully optimized audio design and an excellent audio encoder, it provides loud and clear sound.

Large Capacity Battery
With 2600mAh battery and optimized power consumption of DMR, battery life is long enough for up to 20 hours of operation between charges.

Abundant Configuration
PH660, as standard, supports Emergency calls, Lone workers, Man Down, real-time clocks, vibrate alerts, GPS and Bluetooth.

Optional Features
Onboard voice recording and TF card for extended recording, 256-bit AES encryption ECS trunking is optional.

Higher Safety
The DMR standard provides higher safety and reliability for voice and data than the analogue standard.

Reliable Quality
It meets IP68 standards and is suitable for outdoor work. Shock, vibration, and solar radiation qualify for all kinds of harsh working environments.