Caltta DMR Mobile Radio DM660

The Caltta DMR Mobile Radio DM660 is a high-performance, adaptable mobile radio specifically engineered for the evolving communication demands of contemporary professional settings. This device is distinguished by its superior audio clarity and dependable performance across diverse conditions. Featuring a sturdy build and cutting-edge functionalities such as an emergency button and lone worker protection, the DM660 ensures continuous communication, ideal for vehicle-based applications in industries like public safety, transportation, and logistics. It accommodates both digital and analogue modes, facilitating smooth integration with existing communication infrastructures. The DM660 combines an intuitive design with exceptional resilience and advanced features, establishing it as an effective communication tool for mobile professionals.

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DMR dual slot capability provides double channel capacity, maximising channel use. It also supports roaming in an IP connect network.

Analogue/Digital Compatible

Adaptable with existing analogue networks, it supports a smooth upgrade to your network.

Powerful Communication

25W transmitting power and minimum 0.16uV receiver sensitivity for maximum performance.

Excellent Man-machine Interface

Based on professional user habits, a deeply customized MMI has been developed to aid users to operate radio more comfortably.

Compact Design

With the slim & lightweight body, the DM660 is easy to be installed in a vehicle. On the front panel, the 1.75-inch LCD provides a richinformation display, and the specially designed knob makes operation simple and fast.

Loud and Clear

Equipped with noise cancellation technology and maximum 6W speaker, it provides excellent voice performance.

Rich Services

DM660 supports SMS, real-time clock, GPS, call replay, etc. 26pin accessory port supports external PTT, MIC, 16W amplifier, line out, GPIO, etc.

Reliable and Robust

IP54 and MIL-STD-810H make it suitable for various outdoor works and harsh working environments.