Caltta DMR Mobile Radio PM790

The Caltta DMR Mobile Radio PM790 is a high-performance, versatile mobile radio designed to cater to the dynamic communication needs of modern professional environments. This device stands out for its crystal-clear audio quality and reliable communication in various conditions. With its robust construction and advanced features, including an emergency button and lone worker protection, the PM790 ensures uninterrupted communication, making it perfect for vehicle-based operations in sectors such as public safety, transportation, and logistics. It supports digital and analogue modes, enabling seamless integration into existing communication systems. The PM790’s intuitive design, combined with its exceptional durability and cutting-edge functionality, makes it a powerful communication solution for professionals on the move.

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Supports PDT/DMR Digital Trunking

Provides high-quality voice service, and strictly meets the requirements of critical communication, and responses to the call of professional users anywhere and anytime. PDT/DMR’s dual slot provides double channel capacity, thus easing the shortage of frequency.

Compatible With Both Digital and Analogue Standards

Can be used under the user’s existing analogue network, and has better applicability, which supports the smooth upgrade of the network.

Loud And Clear Sound

Through carefully optimized audio design combined with excellent audio encoder, it provides loud and clear sound.

Excellent Man-Machine Interface Design

Based on professional user habits, deeply customized MMI is developed. It helps professional users to operate the radio more comfortably.

Abundant Configuration
PM790 as standard supports Emergency call, Lone Worker, real-time clock, GPS and Bluetooth.

Optional Features
Onboard voice recording via TF card, 256-bit AES encryption, ECS trunking are optional.

Various External Interfaces

Using external interfaces, users are able to avail many different functions. It provides an audio port, serial port, ignition detection, local voice broadcast, GPIO, and so on.

Rich AT instructions

Using AT instructions, users can control and integrate the mobile radio.

Reliable Quality
Meets IP54 standard, shock, vibration, solar radiation and other indexes meet the and Mil-STD810. It qualifies for all kinds of severe working environments.