Caltta Digital Radio PH690

The Caltta PH690 is an IP68-rated two-way radio with superior push-to-talk functionality; it offers an extensive range of health and safety features as standard. This device combines cutting-edge manufacturing technology with a robust feature set, including extended battery life, clear audio quality, and rugged durability to withstand harsh conditions. Ideal for industries requiring critical communication, such as public safety, construction, and event management, the PH690 ensures seamless, secure, and efficient connectivity. Its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities make it an essential tool for professionals who need dependable communication solutions.

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Supports DMR Tier2
Provides high-quality voice service. It responses to the call of professional users anywhere and anytime.

Support 2 slots in DMO and Roaming
PH690 can support 2 slots in DMO that double the Capacity of communication. It also supports roaming in IP repeater’ networks.

Loud and Clear Sound
With carefully optimized audio design, combined excellent audio encoder, it provides loud and clear sound.

Large Capacity Battery
With 2600mAh battery and optimized power consumption of DMR, battery life is long enough for up to 20 hours of operation between charges.

Abundant Configuration
PH690 as standard supports Emergency call, Lone Worker, Man Down, real-time clock, vibrate alert, GPS and Bluetooth.

Optional Features
Onboard voice recording and TF Card for expended storage, 256 bit AES encryption, ECS trunking, SFR (single frequency repeater) mode, full duplex one to one calling.

Higher Safety
The DMR standard provides higher safety and reliability for voice and data than analogue standard.

Reliable Quality
Meets IP68 standard, and is suitable for outdoor work. Shock, vibration, solar radiation and qualifies for all kinds of harsh working environment.

Excellent Man-Machine Interface Design
Based on professional user habits, simple MMI is developed. It helps professional users to operate the radio more comfortably.