Caltta LTE-M System Deployed at Shenzhen Metro

On May 11, the “hot-slip” test of Shenzhen Metro Line 16 was successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the full launch. Caltta, a leading provider of integrated professional trunking communication solutions, provided stable and reliable comprehensive LTE-M solutions to Line 16.

Shenzhen Metro Line 16 has a total length of about 29.2 kilometers. It starts from Longgang Universiade and ends in Pingshan Tianxin. There are 24 stations, including 10 transfer stations. It is a key project for Shenzhen MTR network. It will realize cross-district traffic interconnection, greatly facilitating citizens’ communicating and Shenzhen metropolitan’s expansion to the east.

Line 16 is a fully automatic driverless line. The vehicle-ground LTE wireless communications system carries services such as broadband trunking dispatching and CBTC train control and the reliability requirement is high. With the careful deployment planning, Caltta team, cooperating with the owner, general contractor, and constructor, realized parallel work of commissioning, debugging, testing, and optimization.

The main line construction of the vehicle-ground wireless communications system started on February 15th. The equipment opening and basic optimization of 24 stations, depots and sections along the whole line were completed on May 4th. During the construction, Caltta finished temporary core network, time center, and call center. The full-service cutover of NOCC control center was completed in only 2 days.

The rapidly deployed LTE trunking system provided communication for on-site construction personnel, greatly facilitating the installation and commissioning of other systems. It improved on-site work efficiency and effectively guaranteed hot-slip work. During the hot-slip period, the LTE trunking mobile station’s signal was stable, and the voice calls were clear, which was well received by the hot-slip working group. 

Caltta has been deeply involved in professional communications industry for many years. With its profound technology accumulation, continuous R&D investment, and deep understanding of customer requirement, Caltta has deployed communications systems for more than 60 metro lines in major cities across China. Caltta systems in big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Taiyuan, and Qingdao, have realized comprehensive services, system interconnection, and interoperability. Caltta will continue to promote the development of MTR communication systems in the direction of broadband, automation, and intelligence, helping to create safer, more efficient, and smart rail transit systems.

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