Caltta DMR ECS Solution Chosen by Shaoguan Port for Critical Communications

Caltta, renowned for delivering vital communications solutions, recently rolled out its DMR Enhanced Conventional System (ECS) at Shaoguan Port. This move significantly bolsters safety, workflow, and efficiency in intricate daily operations.

Shaoguan Port, situated in northern Guangdong province, is instrumental in propelling the region’s economic trajectory. It serves as an indispensable hub for burgeoning port-related industries and the burgeoning logistics realm. The port’s strategic positioning offers unmatched connectivity to distant locales, emphasizing the necessity for streamlined communication in port transportation command and dispatch. For these reasons, a dedicated communication framework ensuring both optimal efficiency and robust security is paramount.

Past communication methods at Shaoguan Port were found wanting in aspects like reliability, immediacy, and security. Addressing this, Caltta introduced its DMR Single-site ECS to bridge these gaps. The ECS system brings forth a reliable, secure, expansive, mobile, resilient, and adaptive private communication infrastructure for the port.

Central to Caltta’s ECS is a master repeater, paired with several slave repeaters linked via an IP switch. Radios in this setup proficiently utilize idle channels from these repeaters, ensuring uninterrupted communication. Complemented by a dispatch console and network management framework, the ECS system amplifies dispatching and managerial prowess.

Tools used in this undertaking include the PR900, PM790, & PH690, which boast functionalities like voice dispatch, SMS capabilities, positioning, geo-fencing, statistical reporting, voice logging, remote administration, and compatibility with PSTN, along with several other advanced features.

Leo Li, Caltta Overseas Sales Director, remarked, “Caltta’s DMR ECS deployment at Shaoguan Port is tailored, considering its distinct coverage and operational distribution demands. Such personalization translates to a communication system that’s both dependable and steadfast.”

Across the globe, Caltta remains devoted to bestowing its partners with forefront technology and solutions pertinent to vital business and mission-oriented communications, spanning sectors like public safety, utilities, transport, and business entities.

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