Shunting Tones

Shunting tones are a type of audible signal that can be used in radio communication systems, including those that use Caltta radios. Shunting tones are typically used in railroad or transportation industries to indicate when trains or other vehicles are being moved.

Caltta radios support the use of shunting tones as part of their overall functionality. These tones are generated within the radio and are heard by both the sending and receiving radio. The shunting tones are used to indicate different types of actions, such as starting or stopping a train or initiating a warning signal.

The specific shunting tones used in a Caltta radio system may vary depending on the requirements of the particular industry or organization that is using the system. However, the basic principle behind shunting tones is the same: to provide an audible signal that communicates important information about the status of vehicles or actions on the tracks.

Overall, the use of shunting tones in radio communication systems like Caltta radios can help improve safety and efficiency in transportation and other industries where communication is critical.

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