Major Aviation Company Enhances Communication with M.R.S. Communications

M.R.S. Communications, based in Cardiff, reached out to a prominent aviation company to discuss their existing radio communication framework. During the conversation, the facilities manager shared that the company was using an outdated analogue system, which was no longer operational. Recognising the need for an upgrade to ensure safety and security on their expansive property, they expressed interest in modern radio communication solutions.

Given the company’s focus on commercial jet engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul, maintaining the highest standards of health and safety is critical. The company operates a vast site, encompassing over 1.2 million square feet of workshop area and employs roughly 950 staff.

In the preliminary meeting, it was clear that the company required a variety of dedicated communication channels for different teams, including security, cleaning, management, and a universal emergency response option with priority access. The discussion also highlighted a future need for additional channels, leading to the recommendation of the Caltta ECS trunking system. This system is designed to facilitate the shared use of multiple conventional channels at a single location, thereby optimising channel balance and utilisation.

The facilities manager showed particular interest in the Caltta PH660 and PH600 series radios, noting their compact size, durability, and long-lasting batteries as significant advantages. To achieve comprehensive coverage across the site, the installation included six Caltta repeaters, two per location, interconnected via microwave links.

Following the implementation, the system has received positive feedback, prompting further discussions on integrating more channels to enable secure and efficient communication across different departments.

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