Caltta & SMC Gateway

Caltta DMR and SMC Gateway work incredibly well together. Here are a few examples of how powerful they are combined.

Alarm Systems

Connect a Caltta radio system to any type of alarm system, including intruder and fire alarms. When an alarm, pre-alarm or fault is initiated, the SMC Gateway can send a text message, email or voice message to the radio system, allowing staff to proactively react prior to the alarm sounding

Telephone Interconnect

Connect your Caltta digital radio system to a PBX with the SMC Gateway, allowing telephones to talk to your radios.

Nurse Call

Want to use radios with a Nurse Call system. When an alarm is initiated, the SMC Gateway can send a text message to a Caltta Digital radio system allowing staff to proactively react as soon as the event happens.

Access Control

Control gates, barriers or secure areas. Use a Caltta digital radio to send a pre-set message to the SMC Gateway. In addition, use the intelligence in the Gateway to authorise, control or decide what access to grant or gates to open, based on radio ID and GPS position.

Remote Equipment Monitoring

Control and monitor remote equipment on your Caltta digital radio. By adding MODBUS compliant I/O extender, such as Moxa, additional equipment can be monitored. The benefit is reporting by exception, to keep radio traffic to a minimum.

LED Signage

A Caltta radio system can use the SMC Gateway to send messages to compatible LED signs. Used in receptions, hotels, car parks, etc.

Live Web Updates

Monitor online services such as open weather to send exceptional conditions reports direct to a Caltta digital radio. For example, the Gateway can make a decision based on the forecast wind speed and advise crane operators to cease work if conditions become unsafe.

Gateway Example Installations


To avoid costly call-out charges from the Fire Department. School staff can be notified on their Caltta radio minutes before the alarms trigger, so if it is not a real fire, i.e. smoking in toilets, the staff can silence the alarms avoiding charges.


Avoid unnecessary hotel evacuations by having staff notified on their Caltta radio of a potential fire before the alarms trigger. Allowing a short amount of time for staff to investigate the pre-alarm can save the need for an evacuation in the middle of the night of all your guests.

Public venues

Same as above, recreation centres, events, bars etc

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