Caltta Launches Business Productivity Enabling Push-to-talk Radios e690/e600

Shenzhen, China, June 04, 2021 – The pandemic has caused far-reaching changes to businesses in terms of how to communicate and collaborate across teams instantly when the situation requires it. As a productivity tool, as well as safety measure, the two-way radio or walkie talkie solution taps into covergent communications technologies and brings voice, video and data communication together for professionals working in different sectors. Caltta Technologies, a leading provider of integrated professional trunking communication solutions, today announced the launch of a new series of Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) radios, e690 and e600, to empower smooth business running and workplace safety.

With its versatile features, Caltta e690/600 aims at the professional user market, differentiating itself from many consumer-grade PoC radios with simple features. e690 with the display and full keypad supports MNO’s phone call and SMS services, as well as PTT calls. Diversified functionalities enable users to work in different modes flexibly. PTT trunking calls make instant group communications and team collaboration effortless; and phone calls and SMS extend connection beyond onsite teams. The standalone SOS button and safety features such as man-down make the radio a safety tool for the team. When SOS button is pressed, or the user passes out with the radio positioned in a preconfigured angle for a predefined duration, the dispatcher will be instantly alerted. For those who prefer the essential version with a more compact size, the full feature e600 is an obvious choice. e600 is lighter at 240g in weight.

Running within Caltta eChat PoC platform, e690/600 PoC radios can talk to Digital Mobile Radios (DMR). Therefore, businesses with an existing DMR radio fleet can expand its DMR system to a DMR-PoC hybrid system and leverage PoC’s nationwide roaming capability. With eChat platform, more productivity and safety features are made available. For example, the geo fencing feature enables the dispatcher to predefine an area and monitor radios within the area.

“e690 and e600 are designed for team communications and collaboration. They are built ruggedized as traditional land mobile radios, while they have stronger data capacities,” said Fan Zhu, Marketing Director of Caltta. “We are confident in its feature sets and quality. We invited one of the industry’s leading voices, the Critical Communications Review, to do an unboxing video review, which managed to briefly introduce the new radios’ look and feel, and some initial hands-on experience.”

The video, now live at, is produced by Gert Jan Wolf, founder of MCCResources. Since 2010, MCCResources started as one of the leading online publishers and the sole YouTube content creator in the field of critical communications. It covers technologies such as TETRA, DMR, P25, Mission Critical and Public Safety LTE, MCPTT, PMR/LMR, PoC Radio, etc.

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