Caltta Digital Repeater PR900

The PR900 Digital Repeater is engineered to bridge the gap between legacy analogue and modern digital radio systems, offering comprehensive support for both technologies. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations transitioning from conventional analogue setups to more sophisticated digital networks. The PR900 offers IP Site connectivity as standard, enabling multiple repeaters to be seamlessly connected to each other, offering wide area radio connectivity. ESC Trunking offers the ease of use of a conventional radio system but adds powerful calling features and efficient use of the available repeaters deployed in the network.  This repeater is designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and public services, providing a versatile, future-proof communication infrastructure.

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1U Design
Slimline 19″ rack mount 50w repeater with integrated power supply and battery backup feed.

Smart Digital-Analogue Auto Detection
The PR900 will automatically detect and relay analogue or digital transmissions without having to change the channel.

Control Panel With Screen And Button
Convenient button control to access a selection of parameters configured within the PR900.

IP Connection
IP site connectivity is enabled as standard, allowing multiple repeaters to be connected to form a seamless wide-area network.

Dispatcher Connection
The IP port on the rear of the PR900 is used to connect the PD200 desktop dispatch control room software application.

Accessory Expansion
The 26-way D connector on the rear of the PR900 allows external connectivity to a number of functions, including microphone and receive audio.

High Security and Reliability
With the addition of 256-bit AES encryption, the PR900 offers the highest level of security possible on radio systems.